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How To Get Fortune 3 In Minecraft? - West Games (1)

In the world of Minecraft, enchantments make everything a whole lot easier, allowing the player to progress through the game a whole lot quicker.

Unfortunately, because enchantments have such a high value, this also means that they are also quite hard to come across. For most of us, we kind of just go through the game and hope we just end up getting lucky.

One great thing about enchantments is that they can be used on your weaponry and armour, making you nearly indestructible. Overpowering your character is a great advantage when you are trying to do something you’ve been struggling with.

However, putting in the hours to make enough experience points to upgrade your tools can take far more time than you would have anticipated. But we do have some good news for you.

There are ways to influence how long this whole process will take. They aren’t exactly cheats, as such. It is more that there are a few different thigs to know that can increase your chances of coming across decent enchantments for all of your gear.

How To Get Fortune 3 in Minecraft?

For those that may be a little unsure, Fortune 3 is an enchantment which you can use on your farming tools. When these tools are enchanted, your chances of receiving a whole lot more materials from different blocks is vastly increased.

In fact, the amount you will get from each block will more than double, on average. So, the value of that is obvious when it comes to mining for valuable and rare materials such as emeralds and diamonds.

What are the things I will need?

When it comes down to it, there are only three conditions that you need to meet in order to get a fortune 3 enchantment. The first thing you need to check for is that you have a max-level enchantment table (level 30). Following on from that, you will need to have an experience level of above 30 too.

Lastly, and definitely the easiest of all, you will need to have whatever tool you want to enchant to hand. On that final requirement, it makes far more sense to choose a really high-quality tool or weapon to enchant. Otherwise, it just doesn’t really make any sense to enchant it.

How do I level up the enchantment table?

Levelling up an enchantment table doesn’t work in the way you may have thought it does. To get it to the required level you need, you will need to absolutely surround the table with bookshelves.

However, there is a technique to this that needs to be followed. When surrounding the table, you will need to make sure to leave one block of space between the table and the shelves.

Now that we have the technique figured out, let’s get into how many bookshelves there needs to be. In order to bring it all the way to level 30, your enchantment table will need a minimum of 15 shelves that are all on the same level surrounding it.

When done correctly, the lvl30 enchantment menu will now be unlocked and you will then be able to hunt out some rarer enchantments.

How do I increase my experience level?

The net thing you will need to do is make sure that your experience level is 30 or more. The good news is that, though this sounds like a high level, it isn’t all that difficult to put in the time to get there. You just need to know the fastest ways of accumulating experience points.

There are a few things that speed up the process. We would recommend that you focus you attention on things such as slaying mobs, mining and smelting down different ores, and breeding animals. Not only are these really useful materials to have, but the act of doing them gets you experience.

For those of us who are more safety conscious while we are playing the game, the idea of hunting down and killing mobs isn’t going to sound all that appealing. Don’t worry.

Mining, so long as it isn’t directly downwards, is relatively safe in comparison. This is especially the case if you make sure that your tunnels are always kept very well lit.

What tool should I enchant?

The last thing that matters here is the tool or weapon that you are going to enchant. In general, we always enchant the tool that we think we are going to get the best use out of. For some players, that will be a pickaxe. Everyone plays the game a little different, so it depends on that.

In any case, the most important thing is that you enchant a tool of a really high quality. The fortune 3 enchantment is just so rare that we would recommend only using it on diamond tools. They aren’t that hard to craft and last a long time.

The Last Word

Once you have all of these things in line, this will give you the best chance of coming across a fortune 3 enchantment. From here, your chances are improved, but it isn’t guaranteed that you will find one soon. There still is a bit of luck involved.

The enchantment menu that you see on the table menu are always randomised. There is no way to predict what is going to show up there. So, you just have to hope for luck.

Make sure to check back every now and again when the enchantment menu has been refreshed. As a final note, it can occasionally happen that the fortune 3 enchantment can be bought from villagers. In really rare cases, it can even be found in random loot chests.

you have become too frustrated and don’t want to wait anymore, there is always another option that can be nearly as effective – using the silk touch on your tools. When harvesting resources from certain blocks, the silk touch can even be a better option sometimes.

This is especially the case when it comes to food. This alternative is far more common to find. Of course, you can always then switch to fortune 3 after you find that.

How To Get Fortune 3 In Minecraft? - West Games (2024)


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